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Managing Diversity Issues Sandra Griffiths
                                     Director: Educational Development
Quality and Enhancement Department University of Ulster

"Diversity & Complexity in the Classroom" (1999) Barbara Gross Davis.
                                                                                      from Tools for Teaching. Jossey Bass

University of Ulster          Quality Assurance Agency Code of Practice on Disability Section 3. 

Students with Disabilities QAA CoP on Disability Section 3.  PDF file download  

Disability Related            Making Connections        RNIB                 Disability Related Links

Disability Organisation Links         Techdis             NatdisTeam

Adaptive Technology for the Internet: Making electronic resources accessible to all.

Skill  Skill Into Higher Education  Skill Higher Education Information  Skill Information Services

Dial UK              Quality Assurance Agency Code of Practice on Assessment Section 6.   

Assessment of Students QAA CoP Section 6.  PDF file download  

The University of Ulster Policy on Managing Diversity  
Promoting and Managing Diversity in the Learning Environment

University of Ulster Student Support           Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

News Letter 2001 PDF file download          Leaflet 2001                     Legal Aspects 

Equal Opportunities Commission for Northern Ireland   

Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities          Health Development Agency      

NUS / USI Student Centre 

"Promoting and Managing Diversity in Further and Higher Education Colleges in Northern Ireland ". (1998)
NUS USI Belfast. The NUS Student Community Relations Programme  

Student Support a celebration of partnership     Student Community Relations Research Award

Director of Student Support    Managing Diversity    Reports from the Community Relations Council

a 2 z Community Relations

"Communicating and Relational Development amoung Young Adults" (1999) Dickson, Hargie and Rainey.
University of Ulster. Recent Staff Publications

Widening Participation: Special Funding Programmes   HEFCE Publications 

UU Report  24 October 2001        No Laughing
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This WebSite was First published to the W.W.W. on the 1st January 2001.
A Personal WebSite for research & private study
The Study Time website contains an extensive list of links to education related sites to assist those teaching university courses. It provides a much needed database of resources for third level educators.         Doras Review 15th June 2001
This section of StudyTime provides links to sites identified during class in 2001,
"Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching". University of Ulster at Jordanstown.
HCC Teaching Tips Index   
Tuesday September 11th 2001 "Continue to work together
to help all those affected by today's catastrophic events and as one people,
recover from this tragedy."  Mayor Giuliani
             New Developments in Teaching: New Technologies  
             Web Links Identified by Sylvia Alexander Centre Manager:
                                                Centre for Information and Computer Sciences UU

e-mail Alison Greenslade  Interactive Teaching and Learning (INTaL) Administrator

e-mail Centre for Health Sciences & Practice                         introducing THE Resource Finder & THE RDN Virtual Training Suite                         UK Mirror Service                                  e-Mail JISC ASSIST

JISCmail introducing The National Academic Mailing List Service

LTSN Subject Centres

Art, Design & Communication                  Bioscience          Built Environment   

Business, Management & Accountancy (BEST)                  Economics               Education (ESCALATE)

Engineering                    ENGLISH           Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Health Sciences & Practice                      History, Classics & Archaeology

Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism         Information & Computer Science

Languages, Linguistics & Area Studies      Law (UK Centre for Legal Education)

Materials           Maths, Stats & OR Network            Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine

Performing Arts (PALATINE)         Philosophical & Religious Studies              Physical Science      

Psychology        Sociology, Anthropology & Politics C-SAP Social Policy & Social Work (SWAP)
University of Ulster Internet Resources for Higher Education

Teaching with Excellence        National Nightline Uk & Ireland
        New Developments in Planning: Management
        Web Links identified by Sarah Marshall
                                           Staff Development Officer UU

QAA         QAA Current Work          QAA Policy on Programme Specifications

QAA Guidlines for Producing Programme Specifications   PDF File academic office Course Management and Approval Handbook

Academic Office Downloads Northern Ireland Credit Transfar and Accumulation System
(Dr. Tony Cook U.U. Assessment Web Site)
Web Links identified by Dr. Keith Adams School of Medical Science and Sports Study
New Developments in Assessment
CAA                  Perception                      ETS  

Research & Resources for Computer Aided Assessment

Type Computer Assisted Assessment into the Overture Search Engine & Explore the results.
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Welcome               Failte
Boa Vinda       Recepcion
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Managing Diversity Issues - (continued)
Quality Enhancement for Educational Development and Managing Diversity

Tools for Teaching & Teaching with Excellence - Link 

Teaching & Learning        Teaching & Learning Resources                ARCS Model & Teaching

Diversity in the classroom: Links on the Web    PDF File download - Assessing barriers to learning

Teaching Resources    HCC Faculty Development    American Psychological Society 

Teaching Resource Centre            Learning & Teaching in Higher Education - Deliberations 

Centre for Teaching         Problem Based Learning              Teaching Resources in Psychology     

Ethical Principles in University Teaching

Ideas on Teaching developed by the Instructional Development Department
at The University of Oklahoma

Teaching Tips                 Teaching Tips at UNL

Electronic Journal on Excellence in College Teaching    Educational Development Resource Centre

Teaching Effectiveness    Teaching Portfolios                      PD Online Home
Needs & Learning       Dyslexia Support       Dyslexia News       Dyslexia       

Educational Guidance       Services for Students with disabilities     

Computing Services QuickScan  - UU Superserver ACCESS
QuickScan Dyslexia Software is available on the University of Ulster Superserver.
To access the test go to:-
                                   Jordanstown 1D03   2B11   3A02   7C07   7C14   12J03   21D01  
                                   Magee         MF111   MF116   MF120   MG212
                                   Coleraine     L002   A111                                 
                                   Belfast         81C05
Project Galileo
Geraldine's Action Research Links -
StudyTime Action Research  

action research Denver                 clar 

action research Ireland                 action research Ohio 

action research Ontario Canada    action research international

action research net                      action research defined 

action research collaborative         action research resources 

action research links                    action research overview 

educational action research          ERIC action research 

applying action research               introduction to action research 

teacher as researcher                 pedagogical action research in psychology   
"work together to help"  Mayor Giuliani 9/11
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