Information on Assessment webSites identified by Dr Tony Cook University of Ulster Assistant Director, Educational Development Unit 2001.
webProject inspired by Higher Education Information links selected by Alan Robinson Course Director PgCUT University of Ulster.2000 - 2002.
Suleyman Sadi Seferoglu at City of New York. Teachers College Columbia University
Internet Tip
What to do if? If you find an interesting webpage written in a language in which you are not fully proficient.

I. Carefully make a detailed and accurate note of the webpage URL address and webpage title.

2. Type the webpage address or webpage title into Google Safe Search.

3. You may find that a translation is available, included within the Google search results for your URL
Martin Ryder University of Colorado, Denver IA  
Translation Resources

URL + Text Systransoft

URL + TEXT Translation Experts Limited ~ InterTran

Text + URL Babelfish Altavista

Joint Interpreting + Conference Service EU Commission

Europus The Language Consultancy Co. - An Comhlacht Teanga

Focal Irish Language Terminology

Google Language Tools 
StudyTime was first published to the W.W.W. on the First Day of January 2001 for personal research and private study
StudyTime contains an extensive list of links to education related sites to assist those teaching university courses. It provides a database of resources for third level educators. Doras Review 15th June 2001
Module Handbook & Portfolio Guide StudyTime EDU 825 Improving University Teaching Web sites Identified by Module Co-Ordinator: Alan Robinson University of Ulster 2001.
Intent Infusing Teacher Education with New Technologies  ~  A TLTP (Phase III) Project  Internet Archive  IA

The Aster Project  Communication and Information Technologies (C&IT) in small-group teaching and learning.

Project Galileo  Interactive learning tool Kit
Teaching Quality Enhancement Higher Education Academy
Tuesday September 11th 2001 "Continue to work together to help all those affected by today's catastrophic events and as one people, recover from this tragedy." Mayor Giuliani
New Developments in Teaching: New Technologies   Web Links Identified by Sylvia Alexander Centre Manager:2001 
New Developments in Planning: Management Web Links identified by Sarah Marshall Staff Development Officer UU 2001. StudyTime
Web Links identified by Dr. Keith Adams School of Medical Science and Sports Study New Developments in Assessment 2001 StudyTime
Shalom           Bienvenido
Velkommen     Bienvenue
Vitame Vas     Benvindo
Willkommen    Benvenuto
Witamx         Hosgeldiniz
Welkom               Croeso
Welcome               Failte
Boa Vinda       Recepcion
Selected StudyTime Web site links
http://carbon.cudenver.edu/~mryder/itc_data/net_teach.html Learning and teaching on the Internet Internet Archive
"work together to help"  Mayor Giuliani 9/11
StudyTime resource
StudyTime updated  : 28 September, 2014
Friendship Association Collaboration Encouragement
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StudyTime was constructed as a student project for the Education Modules EDU 824 & EDU 825 at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown, Northern Ireland. 2000-2002.       Thank you for your visit!
StudyTime is maintained by Gerarde Dawe:
Learning & Teaching about Mental Health in Higher Education StudyTime Logo
StudyTime contains links provided by Alan Robinson to websites listed in the Course Guide, "Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching". University of Ulster at Jordanstown. 2001.
Managing Diversity Issues Sandra Griffiths   Director: Educational Development Quality and Enhancement Department University of Ulster
References:- 26 October 2001
University of Ulster Higher Education Internet Resources Electronic Journals   

The Higher Education Academy  Resources learning and teaching

Bangkok University Thailand Home 

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland  Home

Trinity College Dublin Learning Innovation Projects   

Wyoming State Board of Nursing Cheyenne, State of Wyoming Home 

Queen's University Belfast Enhancing Learning & Teaching Effective Education

GOAL  Vacancies

Royal College of Nursing Home

UNA global learning initiative on children and ethnic diversity Home
L&T about Mental Health in H.E.   12.   3.   4.   56.   7.   8.   9.   101112131415161718.
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