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Improving Teaching and Learning


Improving Learning and Teaching


Virtual Teaching Centre


Virtual Training Centre Teachers Index


Omni Internet Medic Training


Educational Technology


Centre for Information & Computer Science    BLOOM'S TAXONOMY


Web Resources for Web Based Instruction   A Thinking Pedagogy


Teacher Resources    Socratic questioning  Taxonomy of Socratic Questioning


Centres for development of learning and teaching - National University of Singapore


Public Speaking Resource Centre   Introduction to Case Study Teaching




Professional Development


Professional Development in Higher Education


Accreditation and Teaching in Higher Education Planning Group


The Scholarship of Teaching                                            


Transformative Learning 


Reflective Practitioner                                   


Educating the Reflective Practitioner


Realising the University in an Age of Super Complexity


Teaching and Scholarship: The case of Richard Feynman


A University for the 21st Century                         


Teaching through the disciplines


Professional Development, research and teaching:

implications for new lecturers


A Profession for the New Millennium in Higher Education


Using Technology to Help Students Learn - University of Plymouth


Edith Cowan University  -  Teaching & Learning      


Text-e Symposium   Links   Instructional Design Models     VSL    







Building new horizons for learning             


Relational Skill + Learning


Knowledge Ability


Special Issue World Wide Web Usability -

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies


Study Skills BOLA                                 


Study Skills Online


Study Skills GEL Elsewhere


Mediated and Collaborative Learning,





Teaching & Learning Resources

University of Victoria British Columbia


The Internet & Learning Armstrong Atlantic State University

College of Health Education Technology


Education Technology Associations, Journals & Conferences


Communication of Research

Electronic Journals in the Field of Education


Education-Line Electronic Texts in Education and Training

Leeds University (Find Documents:Browse Index)


Martin Ryder University of Colorado, Denver.




Mentoring Information Flinders University Adelaide Australia


Bibliotecstjanster i www 


University of Southampton Centre for Learning & Teaching


Journals - Sarah E Baird  St Johns  Newfoundland 


The Franklin Institute Online Education Hotlist


Institute of Computer Technology Training


Institute for Applied Information Technology 


Suleyman Sadi Seferoglu at City of New York.

Teachers College Columbia University




StudyTime Resources


StudyTime resource    STE WebRing   Lightspan Study Web    Topmarks for excellence in education 


Virtual University Press    DoH Links    DoH NHS University    TheARGUSClearinghouse   


Academic Info Your Gateway to Quality Educational Resources Educational Reference 


Learning Link     Education    bubl    Courses UK  


Education-Line Electronic Texts in Education and Training. The University of Leeds





StudyTime HELP                  "work together to help"  Mayor Giuliani 9/11


The Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education     Phil Race Net     Oxford Internet Institute    


TQEF NCT Enhancing Learning and Teaching Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund FDTL Phase 5    Links    


Learning & Teaching on the Internet      Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund     Teaching with Excellence  


Project Galileo      The Aster Project      Intent     Learning Teaching  workexperience